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January 2018

NTC development January 2018

The New Year 2018 is off to a good start. The holidays have passed smoothly and we would like to thank everyone who has made this possible. Guests have enjoyed delicious meals, slept well and had a great time with sports and games.
In addition,  it is time for an update about the developments on the site. At the end of December, the KNLTB has published a press release: "September 1st, 2019, the National Tennis Center will move to Amstelveen"

At the start of January, we have obtained the building permit resulting in the preparations being in full swing currently.
A substrate of sand has been created, the building fences are put in place, a part of the tennis center has been demolished. New temporary offices have been developed next to the entrance on the terrace of the tennis center. The shop for stringing tennis rackets is still open as well. All 3 halls and the restaurant are fully operational. The parking lots are accessible and clear signs have been placed for our guests. However, it remains a little bit chaotic on the roundabout occasionally, especially during the dropping of or picking up of children at De Mirakel.

The final week of January, large machines will be present on the construction site that will drill to pour concrete piles. At the end of February, there will be around 1300 piles in the ground (weather permitting).
Then the construction of the new parking lot will start. Much concrete will be needed for this process as well, which means concrete trucks will be driving back and forth. The construction traffic passes behind the hotel. Once the construction fences are in their definite place, there will be a temporary route for the tennis players and users of the tennis halls. In addition, there will be lighting alongside the entire construction fence. The road remains accessible to emergency services and suppliers.

At the start of March, we will send a next update.

Best regards,
Executive Board