Padel Amstelveen

Regular court rental NTC de Kegel Amstelveen

Padel is getting more and more popular in The Netherlands. 
Come and try padel at NTC de Kegel Amstelveen!

Regular padel court Amstelveen rental
Regular padel court Amstelveen rental

Padel rates NTC Amstelveen

Court rental Mo - Fr 8.00 AM - 11.00 PM € 20.00 per hour
Court rental Sa - Su 8.00 AM - 8.00 PM € 20.00 per hour
Padel racket (rental) € 2.50 per racket
Padel balls (for sale only) € 10.00 per can

Reservation padel court

The padel court can easily booked online.
Would you like more information on renting the padel court? Please feel free to call us on 020-6432822 or send an email to

How to play Padel?

Padel can be played best in (mixed) doubles. The scoring is the same as in tennis.

Click here for the padel instructions/regulations.