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Tennis lessons

359* Tennis

Tennis school 359* Tennis provides tennis lessons for players of any level.
Their programme Fit, Fun and Focus is well-known.
359* Tennis is the official tennis school for all the members of the tennis club during the summer season. They also provide lessons during the winter season.
Interested in what they can offer? Please click on the picture below

Below the picture you can also find information about private teachers at NTC de Kegel Amstelveen.
You can contact them directly for more information or to book a tennis lesson.

Laurense Tennis Acadamy

Private teachers @ NTC de Kegel Amstelveen

For private or grouplessons:

Jack Souisa 06-23359188
Sander Reep 06-86092170
Mayumi Konishi 06-15310220
Andy van Rijn 06-55857037
Marcel van Nes 06-14699182
Yvonne Wyermans 06-53650401
Marcel Doeze 06-26875457

Andy van Rijn
Marcel van nes
Yvonne Weijermans