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February 2018

NTC development February 2018

Sooner than expected, we have a new update around the activities that will take place in the coming period. In the mean time, the drilling of the poles is in full swing and progressing steadily. The construction fences have moved more to their final place. Due to this, the access road to the tennis center for our visitors has been removed. A temporary walkway has been constructed behind the padel court alongside and across courts 1 and 2, so the tennis center remains accessible. This week, additional lighting will be applied to the construction fences.

We are also pleased to announce that this week the renovation of 5 clay outdoor courts (numbers 4-8) will start. The courts will also be provided with new drainage and irrigation installations as have been added to courts 1, 2 and 3 previously. Now the future arrangement of the park with the advent of the NTC is known, we consider this an appropriate time to also replace the fencing around the outdoor courts. The new fencing will also be prepared for the installation of an access control system. Because of the future arrangement, we will move a few courts so in the future all tennis courts can be reached safely.

We assume that the renovation of the courts will have been completed before the start of the new season on April 1st and the courts can be used completely from that moment onwards. In March we will send a next update as promised.

Best regards,
Executive Board