Game rules

Padel is almost always played in doubles.

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The scoring at padel is the same as with tennis, i.e. 15, 30, 40 and game, with deuce at 40-40. Then two consecutive points are scored to win the game. Padel games are usually played in a "best-of-three" match, which means two won sets. A set is won by the team that wins the first six games with two games difference. At 6-6 a tiebreaker is played, which continues up to seven points won with two points difference.

The service must be underhand. The first serve is hit from the right and is then alternated between left and right. One lets the ball bounce once behind the service line (which is delineated by the service box of 7x5m), between the center line and the side wall. When serving, you must hit the ball at the same height or a little below the height of your waist. The service ball must bounce directly into the opponent's diagonally located service box without touching the net. The ball can then hit the wall, but not the fencing (error service). The receiver can choose to return the ball before or after the ball has hit the wall. As soon as the ball has bounced correctly in the service box and has been returned correctly, both sides of the playing field (10x10m) come into play. If the ball touches the net during a first or second service and then lands in the correct service area, the service is replayed.

During rallies, the ball may only touch the playing field once. A player may choose to let the ball bounce or to bat it up. If the ball bounces, this has to happen without first touching a wall or fence, otherwise it is a mistake. After the ball has bounced, it may hit the wall or fence one or more times before it is returned. The receiver may hit the ball directly in the opponent's court or he can return the ball via the back or side walls. If the ball touches the fence before it crosses the net it is a fault. If the ball is hit over the wall (4 meters) or fence (3 meters) via the playing field, it is normally a point; sometimes there is a rule that allows players to return the ball from outside the court. The game continues with these rules, until the ball bounces twice on the playing court or a player breaks the rules in a different way.

Have fun!

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