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Newsletter May 2019

Much has happened these past few months, so there is a lot of news as well! The new NTC entrance is now wind and waterproof, which is an important milestone as the interior decorating and finishing can start now. On the outside it’s clearly visible that much work is being done on the white cladding and in the mean time the frames and glass frames have been fitted. The entire roof of the parking garage is equipped with a bitumen roof covering in preparation for the installation of the 4 new clay courts that will be placed on top of the parking garage. The spot where the new courts will be is now easily recognizable by the lampposts with outdoor court lighting that have been installed.
In this newsletter we want to show you the impressions of the new hospitality area as well. The intent is for this brand new and cozy hospitality to be put into use as of the end of September.


For more impressions we would like to direct you to our website: In addition, we will hang the impression at the temporary entrance to hall 3.


We regularly receive questions about the expansion of the center and its future functioning. We will answer the most frequently asked questions below.
- How many new tennis courts will be constructed exactly:
We are expanding the center with a new tennis hall where 4 hard-court courts will be realized. In addition to the NTC, we will construct 2 hard-court outdoor courts, and 4 new clay courts will be added to the parking garage that were removed earlier to enable the NTC to be built. In addition to the new tennis courts, there will be a completely new hospitality area and there are various (meeting) rooms available for organizing various meetings
- Are the new tennis courts available exclusively for the KNLTB?
The KNLTB uses the four new indoor courts during the winter season from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. During the summer season, the KNLTB uses the four new clay courts on the parking garage and the two new outdoor hard courts from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. On Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

- Are there additional possibilities for the TVK?
In the coming summer season (2020), the tennis club (TVK) will have the opportunity to use the 4 new outdoor clay courts outside of the KNLTB playing times. As a result, there will be no less than 12 outdoor courts available for TVK from next season onwards, especially during peak times, for example when tennis lessons are given by the tennis school, toss evenings and during the TVK competition period!
- Who will be training with us?
All selections of the KNLTB, supplemented with talent groups. This applies to both abled and disabled tennis players. They particularly make use of the facilities at the tennis center during the day. Of course, as is the case today, the Laurense Tennis Academy and several private teachers continue to teach their lessons with us. The expansion with 4 indoor courts also creates more opportunities for private individuals to rent a (fixed) indoor court.

- Who is my focal point?
The management team of the tennis center consists of Frans, Diana and Bjorn, who are happy to help you. For matters relating to the tennis club TVK, we would like to refer you to the board of TVK.
- Planning
In the months of August and September, all preparations for putting the tennis courts into use will be carried out indoors and outdoors. The construction of the bar and further interior design of the hospitality area will also take place during this period. We hope to be able to indicate in the next newsletter what the exact dates are when the new courts and hospitality facilities can be used for the first time.
With kind regards,